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Resident Evil: Extiction
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Costume Photos:
Based on: Alice in the 3rd Resident Evil movie
Costume made: 2007
Worn at: MegaCon 2007, DragonCon 2008

About this costume:
As soon as I saw the poster for this movie, I knew I had to make the costume. This
was a really massive project because of all the parts involved. I wanted to be as
accurate as possible down to the last detail. I actually made two coats for this, but
sold the first one after wearing it once. I had made it out of heavy suede and it was
way to hot and heavy to wear in the summer.

How I made the costume:

I started with a white tank top that I soaked in tea to make it look old and dirty. I found a long brown
cotton shirt and cut a slit down the front. The snaps were put on with a snap tool. I got brown
leggings that matched the shirt, cut the legs off, then tied them back together. The first time I wore it,
the ties came undone so I put stitches through them to make sure that wouldn’t happen again. The
shorts are just plain khaki shorts, and I painted a star on the butt. The real costume has a large star
pattern in the seat of the shorts. You don’t see it much, but it’s all about the details. The jacket in
version two is a replica I ordered online. Once I got it, I added suede details on the collar and cuffs. It
was way lighter and easier to wear than my original suede coat.

Knee high lace-up leather boots by Steve Madden, with one red shoe lace. I added silver boot
conchos with leather straps and chain under the heel, and made a flap that went on the top of the

My first guns for the costume were cheap cap guns. Then I discovered people wanted to know what I
was packing, and my little spray-painted pistols were not too impressive. So I did some research,
found out she was carrying Colt Double Eagles and a pistol-grip pump-action shotgun and got airsoft
replicas. They were realistic and heavy, and a lot of fun to shoot. All the leaves in my backyard
ended up with holes in them. You are supposed to ruin them or "peace bond" them so they can’t
function to take them to a convention, but I haven’t gotten caught yet. I also haven’t taken them out
and been stupid with them. Respect your weapons and security will usually leave you alone.  My
husband walked around DragonCon with a real Afghani gazelle rifle nobody said anything. Of
course, only a few people actually knew what it was, so that helped.

It was incredibly hard to find a left-handed holster like the one I needed, so I got two right-handed
Blackhawk leg holsters and took apart one of them to make it left-handed. The industrial sewing
machine really came in handy for that.

I made the multi-colored wire bracelet. The bracelet was a gift to Alice from K-Mart. (the girl, not the
store). I borrowed the goggles, watch and gloves from my husband and I ordered the shemagh
(head scarf) online. I already had the brown leather wrist band.

Hair & Make-up:
The make-up was pretty plain and I wore a wig. I got a wig in the right color and close to the right
style and then had my mom, who is a hair stylist, give the wig a haircut while I was wearing it. Then I
gunked it up with styling product to make it look a little messy.