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Alice & Mad Hatter
Reference Photos:
Costume Photos:
Based on: Original design inspired by Tom Petty’s video
Don’t Come Around Here No More
Costume made: 2009
Worn at: DragonCon 2009, 2011

About this costume:
I have always loved the video for Don’t Come Around Here No More. The
image of Tom Petty as the Mad Hatter, surrounded by the black and white
checkerboard set was stuck in my head when creating these costumes. I was
surprised so many people related the costumes to that video since they weren't
actual replicas and loosely based on the idea. I'm guessing that video is stuck
in a lot of people's heads! I actually got an e-mail from Jeff Stein, who both
directed and came up with the concept for the video, and he thought the
costumes were "fantastic!" I thought it was pretty fantastic to get the e-mail.

How I made the costume:

For the Mad Hatter, we got a tuxedo coat with tails off eBay and paired that with black pants. The
checkerboard trim is made from bandannas. My husband Sean hot glued them to the lapel and cuffs
of the jacket. I used the same bandanna fabric to make my checkered apron.
Alice started with the Lady's Chambermaid costume from Leg Avenue. I removed the brooch, buttons
and straps. To make the short skirt longer and more full, I wore a white
layered tulle petticoat
underneath. Over that I wore a plain black corset. The corset and apron are actually made together
as one piece so that the apron would fit smoothly. I used a gathered black ribbon to trim a square from
the bandanna, then used the same ribbon for the apron straps. What you can’t see on the outfit is the
strips of Velcro attached to the corset and apron that keeps it all stuck together, but makes it so I can
take the apron off and still open and close the corset from the front. Otherwise I’d have to relace it
every time it was worn.

I am wearing black mary janes and Sean is wearing checkerboard Vans.

The white rabbit has been with me through many versions of Alice, going all the way back to 1996.
This time I made him a new jacket to match our checkerboard theme. He also got a new pocket watch
to make sure he isn’t late!
Sean’s hat is made by Elope and his blue glasses are by Arnette.
I made my headband and my stockings are
checkerboard thigh highs. The necklace is a black onyx
pendant made by my great grandfather.

Hair & Make-up:
Sean is wearing a blond wig. It is actually an old ponytail wig that I pinned to the top of his head, and
then it looks like a regular full wig with the hat on. I am wearing a long white wig, and for part of the
evening I had on black contacts that blacked out my eyes to give the outfit a more goth look.
Pics shot at DragonCon 2009, with Dim Horizon Studio
Alice costume revisions: