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Baby Firefly
Reference Photos:
Costume Photos:
Based on: Baby Firefly from House of 1000 Corpses
Costume made: 2011
Worn at: MayHem 2011

About this costume:
People have been telling me for years that I looked like Sheri Moon so I figured
I'd have to do Baby sooner or later. MayHem seemed like the perfect place to
gather the Firefly clan and have some fun.

How I made the costume:

It was pretty easy to put together a white tank top and jeans! I tea-stained the top to make it look a little
dirty and ripped up the jeans a bit. She isn't really bloody or dirty when she wears this outfit in the movie.

I wore brown hiking boots.

Found the cowboy hat at a surfshop and borrowed the fake knife.

Hair & Make-up:
Just regular light make-up and my normal hair.