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Cry for Dawn
Reference Photo:
Costume Photos:
Based on: Cry for Dawn, by Joseph Linsner
Date made: 2007
Worn at: DragonCon 2007

About this costume:
I made this costume for the Dawn Look-a-Like contest at DragonCon 2007.
It is based on an image in Issue No.1,  Dawn Pin-Up Goddess

How I made the costume:

I cut a keyhole front on a black leotard and glued on the design pieces.

I started with ankle boots, then spray painted them, added armor like coverings made from Foamies and
made the rest of the details with paper mache over cardboard.

I started with an Ork Sword and then added roses, chain and paper mache details, then painted the
entire thing teal.

Hair & Make-up:
The hair is a red wig and the tears are made out of green glitter paint. I used fabric paint and painted
tears on a piece of plastic. They easily peeled off once dry. Then I used eyelash glue to make them stay
in place.