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Harley Quinn
Original DC Siren
Costume Photos:
Based on: Original Design
Costume made: 2012

About this costume:
Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel is one of my favorite costumes to do, and one of
my only villains so far! This is my own taken on Harley’s outfit. I used a lot of
spare parts and old pieces to put this outfit together.

How I made the costume:

The corset is a red underbust style that I spray painted black on one side. I then added the little white fuzzy
ball trim and cut out a few vinyl diamonds and glued those on. The top part of the corset is a black satin
bra with the matching trim. The skirt is my Sith Cheerleader skirt. Under the skirt is a black garter belt by
Victoria’s Secret. I’m wearing
faux fencenet pantyhose and over that is one black/red stripe stocking and
one heart top stripe stocking.

I am wearing Stack-301’s by Demonia. I borrowed one red one from my purple and red Arkham Asylum set
and paired it with one from a black pair.

The gloves are plain black gloves trimmed with the fuzzy ball trim. The leather mask is by kelldragon on
Etsy. I stuck it on with “fashion tape" but you can also use elastic.
I made the hammer with a pvc pipe wrapped in electrical tape and a spray painted oatmeal can.

Hair & Make-up:
I had professional hair and make-up for this shoot, done by Shawna Rae. She put my hair in pigtails and
then teased and teased with a brush until I had giant poofs.
The white is real clown make-up. I tried the cheap stuff in a tube and from a bottle and it all looked too
cakey. The clown white makes is so you can build the color up until you get the shade you want.
Photos above by John Rennie Photography