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Snow White
Reference Photos:
Costume Photos:
Based on: inspired by a mix of the original Disney character and the version
in Once Upon a Time
Worn at: Halloween 2012, 2013

About this costume:
This is my favorite Disney villain! I've always loved her horns and outfit.
I did a couple different hairstyles, but kept the outfit the same.

How I made the costume:

The costume was assembled from bits and pieces. I found the dress at GoodWill and added some
feathers to the neckline. The purple corset is from the shop. The neck and sleeves are partof a
discontinued Leg Avenue costume. The cloak is an old marabou trimmed robe from Victoria's Secret.

The horns came with the Leg Ave costume. I took them off the headband and pinned them in my hair.

Hair & Make-up:
I did false lashes top and bottom for a big effect. Part of my hair is real, the other half is an extension
piece attached at the crown.
* I hope to have more pics to post of this one. I did a shoot and just got the one pic on the left. The
pic on the right is from the first Halloween I wore the outfit.