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Wonder Woman
From the New 52
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About this costume:
I make a lot of Wonder Woman costumes from the original Lynda Carter classic
to my own original designs. I love changing up Wonder Woman's outfits!
I made both the New 52 version with black pants and the version with the blue
shorts. This has become one of my favorite costumes to wear.

How I made the costume:

This was definitely a labor-intensive outfit! All the silver parts are made from
mirror styrene, which was cut, heated and molded and then glued to the corset. I took apart one corset
and covered a bra with the material strips to make sure it matched the corset exactly. I used that
material to cut out stars for small details on the corset. The pants are black liquid leggings by Elegant
Moments. The stars are cut from black vinyl and glued on and then outlined with Tulip dimensional
fabric paint. The knee pads are cut from patterned upholstery vinyl. The shorts are made from thick
moleskin spandex- the kind they use to make football uniforms. The stars are silver material cut and
glued on, then outlines with fabric paint for added security.

The first boots I made were style Slick by Pleaser. I used styrene for the points at the top and than
silver metallic ribbon for the lines down the front. I didn't like the platform on them and decided to do a
flat boot next. I used the GoGo-300 style in black PU and did the strip and points with side silver ribbon.

The accessories are a made from mirror styrene. I spent a lot of time over a boiling pot of water trying
to get them just right! I sell the layered cuffs and double pointed tiara in the
Three Muses Etsy shop.
The first version of my New 52 costume, photos shot at
MegaCon 2012 by CM Francis Photography
with Bridget M. as Arisia and Ted O. as Superman
New outfit- navy star
bottoms, slightly reshaped
tiara, different wig and
more accurate boots
New corset and cuffs design, which I may be making for
sale soon.
New 52 costume worn by
cosplayer and Three Muses
Jenifer Ann