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Princess Peach

Based on: Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers
Costume made: 2012

About this costume:
I made this costume for a friend who happens to be my same size, so I got to
model it before giving it up. It was a hard one to let go! We are all dressing as
Mario World characters for the GAAM event. My actual costume for the event
will be Rosalina. I will probably have to make myself a Princess Peach costume
again soon because I had so much fun wearing this.

How I made the costume:

The top is a pink satin steel boned corset with ruffle trim and attached magenta bustle. The skirt is a
separate piece, made of pink stretch satin and trimmed with a magenta ruffle. Under the skirt is a white
tea length petticoat to give it that full fluffy princess poof. The sleeves are separate pieces that slide on
and stay up with elastic.

The shoes on the outfit are mostly hidden under all that dress!

I made the crown out of gold styrene and attached acrylic jewels and the main stone, which is the same
stone in the necklace, is a blue paua shell pendant. The earrings are blue acrylic jewels glued to
earring posts. The mushroom is actually a hat by Elope.

Hair & Make-up:
Peach has pretty simple make-up, so I did a basic cat eye eyeliner and spikey lashes. The hair is the
Tina 950 wig in blond.
Reference Photos:
Costume Photos:
Photos by John Rennie Photography
Toadette costume made and modeled by Brema Ebbing