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Rystáll Sant
Return of the Jedi
Based on: Rystall Sant in Return of the Jedi
Costume made: 2008
Worn at: DragonCon 2008

About this costume:
This costume just looked like a crazy challenge to do. The outfit wasn’t
too bad to make, but the hair, horns and make-up took a huge amount
of time and effort. I had never seen a really good Rystáll costume done
yet, so I wanted to do it right. A lot of people had no idea who I was, but
those that did really appreciated the effort. Rystáll was first seen in the
extended musical number in the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi.
She is one of the dancers and back-up singers for the Max Rebo band and performs in Jabba’s palace.

How I made the costume:

The body suit is made from brown lycra. I did the top loose and glued it to a bra with clear straps. The
interesting thing about the real costume is that you can see she is wearing clear straps in some of the
photos. Then I used upholstery cord and wire to form the black band around the top of the suit and
gloves. I then painted that black with fabric paint. The gold medallion on the top is a large doll eye that I
spray painted gold and glued to the front. It just happened to be the right size and shape.

I am wearing Stack-301’s by Demonia. Over those I glued matching brown lycra. The “toes” are made
from Sculpy that was painted and glued to the front of the boots.

The gloves are made from the same brown lycra, with upholstery cord and wire holding them in place.

Hair & Make-up:
Here’s where it gets tricky!
First, the make-up: I covered my entire upper body with Ivory Color Stay make-up by Revlon, mixed with
a little bit of white crème make-up. The white crème by itself seemed like it would sweat off too easily. I
spent a lot of time “sweat testing” different make-ups before settling on this combo. I would paint my
arms, then go sit in a hot car and see how the make-up reacted. Revlon Color-Stay was the best out of
everything, but it wasn’t white enough, so I mixed in a little white crème. Next I used a blend of purple
and pink eye shadow to make the spots on my face and body. The same hot pink eye shadow went
around my eyes, along with heavy liquid liner.

The horns are made of papier-mâché  and attached with spirit gum and liquid latex. I used a paint brush
to apply the same body make-up over them and blend everything together.

The hair starts with a bald cap. Over that goes one
red Punky wig, set halfway back and glued into place
with spirit gum. Then I cut a chunk out of another wig and glued that to the front of my hair leaving space
on the sides for the horns. I also used rubber cement to make the hair stand straight up. After the horns
were stuck on, I used many many coats of liquid latex to blend everything into my skin.

The whole process took nearly 4 hours because of the drying time between coats of latex. After that, the
entire thing comes off in one piece, along with a lot of screaming and cursing as it pulls out all the tiny
hairs around your face.
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