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Spanish Rose Dawn
Cry for Dawn
Reference Photo:
Costume Photos:
At the Dawn contest
Photos by SolKat Photography
Based on: Spanish Rose Dawn by Joseph Linsner
Date made: 2006
Worn at: DragonCon 2006

About this costume:
I made this costume for the Dawn Look-a-Like contest at DragonCon.
I only wore it once because I couldn’t move very well in it. I couldn’t raise
or bend my arms because of the armor. It’s pretty hard to party in an outfit
when you can’t even raise a drink to your own mouth. The costume went
over very well, but I did not place in the contest. My three tears were on the
wrong side, but nobody told me I had gotten it backwards until after the
contest. Goes to show how important details are. I did the contest the next year and they had helpers
making sure everyone had their make-up done right, so maybe my big mistake made a little difference.
My photo was on the front page of the
Linsner website afterwards, and I have heard the image was also
published elsewhere, but I have not seen it. I did put the costume on one more time for a shoot, and
made sure my tears were done correctly that time!

How I made the costume:

The main part of this outfit is a red vinyl dress by Leg Avenue. Over that is a plain white corset with the
straps removed and d-rings sewn onto the bottom. I removed the straps from the dress and fastened a
wire around the top. At the ends of the wire are curved triangles made out of Sculpy and painted silver.
The wire was bent so the top would curve in at the top. The corset is what kept the whole thing up.
To make the collar, I started with a red vinyl shirt and cut it up, reworked the collar and fastened the
center with a silver o-ring. It is not connected to the dress.
The gloves were red vinyl opera gloves with the fingers cut off. To make the white streamers, I cut up
fabric and attached that to elastic. I wore the elastic band above my elbow to hold up the fabric.
The armor is made of cardboard that was stapled together, and then I glued vinyl over that. All the
pieces are separate and made to slip up my arm and stack on each other. The shoulder pieces are
attached to the shirt with Velcro.

They didn’t show much, but my shoes were red heels with white roses on the toe.

I got the white rose in my hair from the fabric store.

Hair & Make-up:
The hair is a red wig and my ill-fated tears were done with eyeliner. In the later photos with the tears on
the correct side, I made them out of glitter paint. I used fabric paint and painted tears on a piece of
plastic. They easily peeled off once dry. Then I used eyelash glue to make them stay in place.