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Saloon Madam & Wyatt Earp
Wild West Steampunk
Costume made: 2009
Worn at: Ancient City Con 2009, DragonCon 2009

About this costume:
The concept for this outfit was wild west steampunk. My husband dressed as
a steampunk Wyatt Earp, and I was the Madam of the saloon. I made most of
my outfit, while we assembled his from other costume pieces.

How I made the costume:

The main red corset piece is from Trashy Lingerie. I wish I could say I made that part, but it was a
piece I already had and it inspired the start of this outfit. I embellished it with grommet strips down the
front, sides and neck, and continued with that theme throughout the costume. The first layer of the
outfit is a black satin fishtail evening gown. Over that is a skirt I made with fabric from another dress.
The satin skirt fabric has a beautiful pattern of black velvet swirls and beads that matches the pattern
on the corset. The skirt is fitted at the top and slit up the back to allow the fishtail to show through. I
sewed grommet strips to the front of the skirt and used metal snap hooks to pull the skirt slightly
forward and create a bustle effect in the back.

The shoes are 3 strap mary janes by Vivienne Westwood

I bought the feather fan. The black onyx pendant I’m wearing was made by my great grandfather. You’
ll see his jewelry in a lot of my photos. On the gloves I added grommet strips around the elbows and a
strip of black feathers.
The hat started as a plain black felt top hat. Up close, you can see the hat is a little work of art. The
first thing I put on it was a grommet strip around the base. Then I created a collage of unique pieces
on the side. The bottom of the collage is a cameo brooch that belonged to my great grandmother.
This made the hat a very personal piece for me. I love working small personal details into things.
Framing the face of the cameo is a pewter stand that is used to display small crystal balls and prisms.
To the right of that are 3 small pewter skulls. To the left are 3 satin roses (notice the 3 Muses theme?)
The satin roses are handmade and have beads sewn in the center. I then added black and red
feathers to the side of the hat. The final touch was the red mesh veil.

Hair & Make-up:
I did my hair in a French twist and left my bangs out. The bump of the twist helped keep my hat in
place so it didn’t budge. I just did regular evening make-up.
Costume Photos:
Photos taken at DragonCon 2009 by Dim Horizon Studio
Photos from Ancient City Con, where we attended The Cowford Steampunk Society Ball