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Based on: late 70's Dazzler
Date made: 2012
Worn at: MegaCon 2012, SuperCon 2013

The first time I saw Dazzler on her rollerskates I knew this was the cosplay
for me! I grew up going to the skating rink and still go skating in the park. I
loved that Dazzler was like a female KISS character.

I first made the full bell bottom one piece suit for MegaCon 2012.
Unfortunately they wouldn't let me go in with my rollerskates and I had to
wear my mirrored skate covers over my shoes.

The next version was for SuperCon 2013, where we were shooting a
Marvel vs. DC Swimsuit calendar. So I shortened the legs and added a
floppy sun hat. All glittering silver of course! And instead of a disco ball, I
had a silver beach ball.