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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Is Candy Keane your real name?
Yes, it is not a nickname or stage name. Candy is not short for Candace.

Q. What is a Cosplay Model?
A cosplay (originally short for "costume play") model is basically a character model. The character
can be from anything- Movies, Comics, TV, Books, etc.

Q. Will you be a guest at my convention?
A. Maybe! Please send me the details. I love visiting new places and going to conventions. The daily
demands of my boutique do limit my travel sometimes so I often do Sunday appearances when the
boutique is closed.

Q. How did you get into the business of making costumes?
It started with my mom making my Halloween costumes, then as I learned to sew, I started making my
own. At first, I didn't want to make costumes for anyone else because I wanted to have the best one!
Then at one point I sold a bunch of my old costumes when I was moving to Florida. The feedback and
photos I got from the people that bought them was so wonderful, I realized how much I enjoyed
bringing the experience of wearing a great costume to other people. The feedback from my
customers is still what keeps me going in this business.

Q. How are you an “International” costume designer?
I have made costumes for people all over the world, and sent costumes out to some places I have
never even heard of. Costuming is definitely a world-wide past time! I love that people in far away
countries are wearing things I made.

Q. Do you make all your own costumes?
I do make my own costumes, but I also sell retail brands in my boutique. I often will start with a pre-
made piece and use that as a base and then rework or add to it. Usually that is much easier than
starting from scratch. You can read how I take the original outfit and rework it in a lot of the costume
descriptions in the Costume Gallery section.

Q. Can I get a custom costume made?
A. I am not currently available for commissions, but I do make and sell handmade costumes when I
have time. Visit the Costume Couture section of the online store or Etsy to see what I have available.

Q. Can I borrow items for a photoshoot?
A. Once items are worn, they are never quite the same and can’t be sold for full price. Due to this, I
do not usually lend out items from the store. I make my prices very reasonable and offer great
discounts to both models and photographers who might send me images or tearsheets in return.

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