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Three Muses is all about inspiration.  I'm happy to have been able to inspire these artists to
create a work of art in their own medium, whether based off one of my photos or pure
imagination. Please contact me at
Candy@ThreeMusesClothing.com if you are interested in
using any of the photos of me or any other Three Muses models for your artwork.
These images are courtesy of Joseph Daugherty, a local artist here in Jacksonville who
does a lot of great work in ink and graphite. You'll recognize his work on our clothing tags,
banners and postcards. See more of his work on his
Deviant Art portfolio.
Thanks to Steve Clark for these pencil drawings of me
as Princess Leia and an Orion Slave Girl.
See more of his work at
Thanks to Ed
Ruppel, for this  
pencil drawing
based off a photo
of me wearing one
of my Slave
Princess costumes
Thanks to Ramon
Ramirez, Jr.
for this drawing
based on one of my
modeling photos.
You can see more of
his cartoons, logos
and comic strips at
Smarty Cartoons
For this painting I first modeled for photos so the
artist could use them for a reference. Pretending to
ride on a flying bomb with your legs in the air is
harder than it looks!

Bombs Away
Union Jackie, original pin-up painting
by Anthony Guerra
Thanks to Vlad Quigley
for this drawing. Vlad
specializes in a very
unique gothic, baroque
and art nouveau style.
See more of his art at
Vlad Quigley.com
Thanks to Jonathan
for both of these
unique fantasy
Thanks to C.E. Martin
for these drawings,
which were done
several years ago
when I first started
Thanks to Michele
Amadesi who
drew this image
of me in 2003
Thanks to Austin Brimhall for this
fun sketch inspired by my
Alice in
Wonderland costumes.

Austin is a cartoon inspired artist
with a couple comic books in the
works. See more works by Austin
on his
Facebook Page.