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Autumn Fairy
Costume Photos:
Costume made: 2007
Worn at: a photoshoot

About this costume:
I wanted to do a fairy shoot, so I worked with make-up artist Erin Phelps to
compliment each fairy character with unique hair and make-up. I made the
costumes and she did the glamorous special f/x make-up.
Kelly Neddo of
Solkat Photography shot the photos. I had two of my friends dress up as the
other fairies. Tavia is the Winter Fairy and Kim is the Fire Fairy. What I refer
to here is making the Autumn/Fall Fairy costume.

How I made the costume:

I started with a plain black corset and spray painted it gold. That’s what gives it the great metallic sheen.
Then I used glue and glitter all around the lace detail at the top. The skirt is made from black satin fabric
with a velvet design embossed on it. I made the skirt first, then spray painted it gold to match the corset.
Spray painting clothes isn’t exactly a conventional method of fabric coloring, but on some fabrics it
creates a very unique effect.

The shoes are 6” clear platform heels with gold straps and stars on the toe, by Highest Heel.

I made the wings from wire and mesh, with elastic straps to keep them on. They were spray painted gold
and then I added details with fabric paint and glitter.

Hair & Make-up:
The long curly hair is a wig that I wore just half way on my head so my bangs would show in the front. It
is held on by a headband that I glued leaves onto. The leaves cover where the wig meets real hair. The
leaves and butterflies were just placed on my hair and held into place by the slightly tangled wig. The
pointed fairy ears were put on with spirit gum, and then liquid latex blended them into my skin. Erin did
my make-up in warm bronze earth tones and used eyelash glue to adhere jewels near my eyes. She
used cosmetic ice crystals on the winter fairy and air brushed flames on the fire fairy.