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Lagoona Blue
Monster High
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Costume Photos:
Based on: The Lagoona Blue Monster High dolls, books and animated series
Date made: 2011
Worn at: DragonCon 2011

About this costume:
The characters are supposed to be the children of classic movie monsters and
Laguna is the daughter of a sea monster. The costume pieces weren't too
hard to do on this one but the blue body painting took forever! It was fun to
see how many people actually recognized who I was.

How I made the costume:

I made this costume by starting with the children's packaged costume in a large size. I wanted to use that
as a base because the fabric on the top and jacket was the exact same fabric as the doll. I took apart
the top and sewed the pink fabric onto a halter style tank top. I unattached the jacket and wore it as-is
and then made a new pair of black shorts with matching blue trim. The fishnet leggings are blue fishnet
pantyhose cut off.

I took black platform wedge flipflops and painted the white stripes. Most comfortable costume shoes ever!

I made the purse from a plastic fishbowl and used real shells for the handles. Laguna's purse handles
look different on the doll, but I liked the beachy look of the shells instead of a fake plastic handle. The
necklace is gold beads with a glass sea horse charm and then bracelet is large beads I spray painted.

Hair & Make-up:
I've seen too many Lagoona's with flat blue body paint that makes them look more dead than
mermaid-like, so I didn't want to go with regular body paint. I used two different eye shadow colors from
Ulta, crushed them and mixed them with lotion to get a shimmery blue appearance before going over the
whole thing with a large blush brush with more eyeshadow on it. Then I topped that off with a good
coating of final seal.
The fins were taken from the children's costume. I cut them off the outfit and then attached them to my
arms and legs with liquid latex.
The hair is half my own hair and half a wig with blue clip in streaks added.