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Steampunk Wonder Woman
Elseworlds Amazonia
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Costume Photos:
Based on: Elseworlds Amazonia Wonder Woman
Costume made: 2010
Worn at: MegaCon, DragonCon

About this costume:
I usually wear the classic Wonder Woman, but wanted to make something new,
so I researched various Wonder Woman costumes throughout the years. I really
liked the outfit from Elseworlds, which is often referred to as the Steampunk
Wonder Woman because of the Victorian influence. This costume is not an exact
replica, but an original design influenced by that outfit. I also made a matching
Wonder Girl costume for my friend.

How I made the costume:

I started with a black satin waist cincher and sewed a wine micro-velvet skirt to that in three pieces.
Instead of carrying the gold lasso, I added it into the design by gluing it to the waist cincher to make it
look wrapped around my waist several times.  The skirt is open in the front to show the black bottoms
and instead of star-print bottoms I made two large stars as details on the front. The top is a bra
covered in the same micro-velvet as the skirt, then the gold design was cut out of vinyl and glued on
top of that.

The boots are style Courtess-1025 by Bordello. I painted all the white trim gold and added a gold
tongue to replicate the front boot stripe.

The cuffs are gold stretch lame’, the gloves are opera length black satin gloves and the tiara was
made from a head band covered in gold lame’.

Hair & Make-up:
I wore a brunette wig and dark eye make-up.  
I'm wearing my Amazonia Wonder
Woman outfit as Miss March in
the Girls of The Con 2011 GOTC,
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